I walked across the Atlantic for days.

I'm Raymond. Sometimes water tastes like lemonade. It's all the same.

I'm in a band called Living Ghosts.

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I had a blast at Marty & Sam’s Wedding. I didn’t get a chance to attend the ceremony portion, but I did celebrate afterwards w/ ‘em & friends. For some odd reason, I thought I was going to be sitting down the entire time, there was, but I figured why not make the best of this special moment. So, I “danced”. It was damn cool. This kid & I had a ‘Dance Off’, I of course lost & cracked my phone’s screen when I attempted doing the classic dance move, ‘The Worm’. At one point I wanted to ask this beautiful gal to dance w/ me, but of course, I was too much of a pussy. Oh well. I saw a social side of me today. It was that goddamn suit & tie.
Neat stuff, if I do say so myself.Congrats the newly weds. Hashtag, Nevarez 2014.
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